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We now have two wholesale pans:

Wholesale pans (in house)

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Get in touch with us to find out more about catering for your events.


Simplify the planning for your big event

Planning a wedding or banquet can be a tremendous undertaking. Of all the details you need to put into place, the venue and food you will serve are two of the most important.


Let us help make your planning easier with sumptuous, customized on-site catering. Trust us to handle these details so you can focus on experiencing the event.

Craft your perfect menu

Visit our Catering and Special Events pages to learn more about creating memorable events with us.

Since 1934, we have been crafting traditional Italian meals using time-honored recipes. These rich, savory dishes are perfect for any wedding, from the simplest to the most elaborate. Get in touch with us to create a custom menu for your event.

Invite your guests to our venue

Let our family-owned and operated restaurant be your choice for the ideal venue for your wedding reception or banquet. With 2 separate rooms to choose from, we have the space to accommodate between 20 and 300 guests comfortably.

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